Monday, July 26, 2021

Dirty Truths About Bleach Spots & Motor Oil Stains

Laundry can be a challenging things... or one of the simplest.

Bleach spots and motor oil stains can be very problematic when they find a way onto your clothes. The good news is that they can both be alleviated. It is not a simple process, but there are steps that can be taken to restoring your clothes to how they looked before they were spotted with bleach or stained with motor oil.

Bleach stains are not something that can be wiped away. When spots of bleach come into contact with a fabric, the color or dye is stripped. So the process of removing bleach spots is actually the process of restoring color. To remove excess bleach, use cold water on the affected area. Next, add some baking soda to produce a paste. This will serve the purpose of neutralizing the spots.

For the purpose of restoring color to the fabric, the use of rubbing alcohol or fabric dye will need to be utilized. The addition of rubbing alcohol will cause the remaining color to thin out and that will allow it to spread over the fabric. The end result may actually cover up the bleach spots. The use of a fabric dye on those bleach spots is another endeavor altogether.

Trying to scrub motor oil out of clothing will not work. Instead, douse the stained area with a bit of corn starch. When this has set for about 15 minutes, attempt to remove it with a small brush or even one of your fingernails. Now it is time to add a strong detergent and perhaps even a degreaser. Just add a few drops, then apply some water so that the laundry solution has a chance to work its way into the fabric.

Once that has been applied, it is time for laundering. It is important to set your water temperature to the hottest setting possible for that fabric before washing. If the stain remains, then repeat that process before drying. However, not all motor oil stains will be even remotely easy to remove. And after all that, if the stain is still present, do not toss the clothing into the dryer. The process of drying clothing still stained with motor oil will cause the stain to set.

Keep in mind that the longer a motor oil stain has to set into the fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove. Get at it quickly and you may have a chance of keeping it as part of your clothing. There is no wait for washers and dryers at Spintastic so you can stop by to tackle that stain right away.