Thursday, August 26, 2021

Odds & Ends: How to Cleaning Leather Gloves and Keep Laundry Machines Shiny

Like so many other things, gloves need to be cleaned and stainless steel needs to be shined. Even the toughest leather work gloves need to be cleaned occasionally. And, even if you don't own a washer, it is useful to know how the stainless steel can be cleaned to a shine.

There is an art to cleaning many different items so that they retain a stellar look. Whether it be cleaning leather gloves or ensuring stainless steel washers look shiny and new, there is an effective procedure to follow. Here is a look at how you can successfully wash your leather gloves and keep your stainless steel washer/dryer looking shiny and new.

Leather Gloves

There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to washing leather gloves. Let’s start with the don’ts. Never throw them in with the rest of your wash laundry. Do not use any harsh soaps. Doing so will attack the natural oils in the leather. Without that oil, your gloves will lose that soft, comfortable feel. Instead of maintaining a comfortable feel, the gloves will become stiff. It is also not recommended to machine wash or use high heat to dry your leather gloves. Submerging them into water is also not a recommended practice. Now onto the do’s.

Dry cleaning is a safe way to treat your leather gloves. This allows your gloves to retain their natural oils. However, not everyone has time to go to the dry cleaners. For gloves that have accumulated a buildup of salt, apply a mixture water and vinegar. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the spots that have become blotted with salt. There are also mild soaps available that specialize in treating leather gloves. Mineral oil can also be used to soften leather gloves that may start becoming a bit brittle or stiff.

Stainless Steel Dryers and Washers

Maintaining a high shine on a stainless steel laundry appliances just takes a little TLC. After all that is how we keep our 97 laundromat washers and dryers sparkling clean for customers. The use of a couple over-the-counter products can do the trick. Products called Cameo or Barkeeper’s Friend can be used to accomplish this task. These products can be mixed with warm water and used to wipe down the stainless steel. A buildup of grease and any lingering spots will be alleviated with this mixture.

For those who do not have either of those products on hand, a mixture of ammonia and water will also suffice. A wipe down of the washer/dryer with this mixture can be followed with the application of baby oil. Once that has been used on all the stainless steel, use a rag to dry the machine. This process will remove any residue and maintaining this practice a couple of times on a weekly basis will keep your stainless steel washer looking brand new and keep the integrity of a showroom machine.